Monday, October 13, 2008

A meme

outside my window: what window? This audit room has no windows. I hear it's supposed to be warm and sunny in the real world, though.

daily rhythm: wake up at 6:am, feed LG. Get ready for work. Drop off LG. Go to work. around 5:00 someone picks LG up. He eats and has a nap. We all play, someone does some house work. 8:00 LG gets a bath and more play time. 9:30 we start the night routine (which I can't explain, as I sleep through most of it)

I am thankful for: lots of stuff. family, friends, my health, the fact that my job isn't permanent. my supervisor calling in sick today (not her being sick, just that she's not here)

Breakfast - earl grey tea and Kashi heart to heart cereal (which PB thinks looks like cat food, and calls "Mama kibble")

Lunch - leftover pizza and a cherry pepsi. lunch of runner ups...

Supper - who knows? I wasn't planning on being home early, but now the possibility is there. Damn, think, think.

I am wearing- a purple turtle neck thingy, a grey skirt and my black patent leather flats.

I am creating- pillow cases for Aunti's Js kiddos. By request, otherwise, I'm out of that business.

Bringing beauty to my home by taking my kid to school so he cannot create further chaos.

I am reading Water for Elephants. Well, soon I will be. I'm trying to finish up some Nora Roberts trash first, and it's taking forever, peoples.

I am hoping that this interview come through with a new job. I really liked this place. And I really don't like my job. more on that below.

Around the house there is krappe everywhere. Literally and figuratively (we have to take the black cat to the vet. I think LG is giving him a nervous condition). And if I step on another little person, I swear I'll do something violent.

Right now I need more soda, so ponder this picture of LG at his first hockey game for a while:

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