Wednesday, October 8, 2008

LG Appleseed

We took LG apple picking with some friends on Sunday, and we think he liked it. He definately liked being out in the orchard, and when PB put him up near the apples, he tried to eat some leaves.

I had a lot of fun, at least. I can remember going apple picking with my Mom every year. Sometimes with a group of people, sometimes just her and I. Sometimes more than once a year if they were still in season and we had run out! I'm glad we're starting the tradition with LG early.

Here are the photos:

This one is LG and his first apple. He spent some time on the ground in the orchard just checking out the fruit and the trees.

This one is LG and I on the giant pumpkin. Check out our coordinating sweaters that Grammie knitted for us. We are styling in our fall colors, eh? I'm not sure why he's making a face, but you can check out PB's backside next to the stroller in the background (woo hoo). He was waiting in line for kettle corn.This one is LG with friends C & D. (these are the folks with the puppies that we love). Too much sun in their eyes, but still a cute shot! Now if LG were to get on C's shoulders? He be over 6 feet in the air! That'd be a new view for him.This one is one of my favorites. The sweater looks really good here. This was just before tasting some leaves, I believe. I don't think he's ever been this close to a tree before (ours are kind of tall, with not so many leaves close to his height).

And finally, LG on PB's shoulders. Yup, he's munching on his hair. A favorite activity when up on the shoulders.

All in all it was a good time. This Sunday I think LG and I are going to head out into the pumpkin patch and get him his first pumpkin. You have to love a season that requires you to be outside to get in all the fun you can before it gets all cold and snowy.

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