Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In which I declare myself an ungrateful wench...

About now everyone knows how much I dispise my job. For a lot of different reasons. In the end, it served a purpose (so that I am eligible to sit for the CPA exam) and now I can move on. And get away from the long hours, the obnoxious back biting co-workers and the endless boring tasks.

But occasionally I get to do something fun. Like organize our "Day Away", or the holiday giving tree. And I really do enjoy that aspect of the job. I don't get extra pay, and I don't take credit for it on my annual review. It's just a nice thing that we can all do together. Whatever, right?

However, I just received a nice cash bonus for my volunteer work. Which makes me feel like a heel. I complain about my job, and my employer, and in the end, they really do nice things for us when they are able. It's not their fault that I don't like being an auditor.

Now, add to that the fact that one of the partners just stopped by my cube to ask if I wanted to go down to the health center with him to get my flu shot. Because he knows I get one every year and wanted to make sure I remembered.

In the end, I do like my employer, I guess. I'm just at a point where this is not the right job for the time.

And I promise that I will stop trying to convince myself that it's ok to leave a good employer for a good cause on my blog, so that you do not have to read about it anymore.

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