Friday, September 5, 2008


Ok, I'll admitt that at times I am a sheep. For instance, all the kids at school have these "Taggies" blankets. And LG didn't. It was a trend I was more than willing to let pass by. Because he has beautiful home made blankets from his Grammie. Which he loves to death. As is shown in this picture:

How cool is that blanket? However, we lost this mini blanket at a fair last Saturday. And LG decided he wanted to "share" his girlfriend, M's taggie blanket. And so, I have purchased a small "Taggie". Which he finds fascinating to chew, rub and explore, but will not sleep with. So, Grammie is making him a replacement for his old snuggle blanket. And I will remember that my kid doesn't need what all the "cool" kids have to be happy.

(oh, and to make me feel even more idiotic. One of the Mom's at school was actually disappointed to hear that LG had a taggie. She thinks his blankets are wonderful, and has admired them since he started school....)

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