Thursday, September 11, 2008

And now for something...

Totally different. If you're in a place where laughing out loud is appropriate (and you won't get the red screen of death for violating work place ethics) go here:

And laugh until you cry. I loves me some Richard Simmons, I'll admit. Who else gets away with wearing spangled short shorts and throwing butter (yes, I mean actual butter) at fat ladies? On national television?

And if you're in the mood for ... well , just plain odd, go here:

Enough links for one day. You can tell how motivated I am to work today, huh? Yup, I still hate my job. But I am doing something about it. I have begun to update the resume, and have a plan of action. Which will remain a secret from all (except LG and PB, who need to be in the know).

LG is in full crawl mode now. And the cats are none too happy. We have to get him over to visit some of the puppies soon so that he can get a little petting practice on someone a tad more patient than my cats. He's also started to pull himself up on things. He can get himself up on his knees now. Which isn't good for me. For instance, this morning. PB tends to take the Binki out of LG's mouth when he puts him to bed and "store" in on the top rail of the crib. And then he forgets it there the next morning when he wakes LG up. So, usually there is more than 1 Binki sitting on that top rail. Well, this morning LG pulled himself up to the top rail at around 4:am. And emitted a squeal of delight upon finding a plethora of Binkis to chomp on. Which woke me up. By the time I got in there (admittedly a tad slowly), he was sound asleep with a Binki in his mouth, and one in each paw. Most people would think this was sweet. I, however, know that now he will think that all of the world's treasures are just out of his reach, and he will be climbing up on everything he can see. Great.

Oh, and what the hell happened to summer, people? Was I really stuck up in that tiny room for my whole summer? Damn it. At least we got to play volleyball a few times. And I guess we went to a party or two. I'll stop complaining now.

Must go fake work. Must pretend to care.

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