Thursday, August 14, 2008

Big, white box

Sorry, folks, I'm sucking at the updates these days. Blame it on my sucktastic job, or my cranky kid, or the fact that my house is a GD money and time pit. Whatever you'd like.

The good news is that we now have a big, empty, white box where our ugly 80's livingroom used to be. We have gone from ugly, to absolutely nothing, to a completely clean slate. It's magical. I have but one regret. We had the perfect opportunity to graffiti the walls, write all sorts of swears, or Joni loves Chachi, or put a picture of a big pot leaf up on the walls before we primed. But we didn't think of it. Drat. LG was feeling like he could sit in his saucer for a few minutes, so I picked up a roller and went to town. And now that we have one fully primed coat up, our chance is gone. Oh, well.

But, you should see it! So much potential in one room. If we put LG in there, it's just overwhelming, the potential in that room. He could take over the world from there. Bwa ha ha. I will take pictures tonight. I hope. I'll try.

And tonight the second coat of primer goes up. Then tomorrow, PB paints. I hope to Allah that this really is a color we like, otherwise, there's a hole lot of badness coming our way.

But this time next week, we should be done. DONE. No more construction. PB gets some free time and LG isn't stuck with only me all weekend and every night. It will be wonderful in ways I can't even explain. Sigh.

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