Monday, August 4, 2008

Angel's Song

At this point, please roll the Hallelujah chorus through your head. Because we have a sub floor! You can no longer see the washer dryer from the kitchen. Thank goodness. PB and Uncle B spent yesterday morning putting down the plywood. And all was good in the world. Pictures tomorrow, if I can get my krappe together to take some.

Saturday, LG and I went to visit Grammie and Grampa, who are now back from their vacation. And there was much happiness, as this is the first time that LG went more than a week without his Grandparents. I'm fairly sure that's why he was such a mess last weekend. He didn't have his usual visit with them. But Grammie did send us a mini-Grammie blanket from Florida to let us know she was thinking of us (oh, and to keep us from having to completely cover him in a blanket when it was 1000 degrees out). Mama did a craft with our cousin C, and LG hung out with the G-rents. While PB made ready for the floor.

Other than that, not much to report. Tomorrow we go for our 6 month checkup (I know, already? Seems like we just had shots!). And PB is being forced to come along this time, regardless of whatever else is going on. Hopefully, all is well, and we will proceed on as normal.

This post is especially for Miss K, out in NY, since she'll be looking for an update on her Monday lunch! Glad to hear you had fun on your adventure!

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