Monday, July 7, 2008

A will or a way...

Riddle me this, why do people get all emotional about writing up a will? I agree, it does remind one of ones own mortality, but in the end it is a business transaction. There is no emotion attached to my krappe. Take it, why will I care? I'll be dead.

Recently, PB and I started the process of getting our will together. Who to leave LG to and all that sort of stuff. What to do with our carcasses and our belongings should we meet our ultimate end. And I'm ok with this. I can list off all the people who can scavenge my mortal items. Take it, if it means anything to you.

I guess in the end, I don't care what you do with me, either. I'd feel bad taking up space in a cemetery, so I'd hope they'd be considerate enough to cremate me. But after that? A "Chock Full O'Nuts" can in the bottom of the closet will do. I'll be dead for Jebus' sake. Don't worry about me. If my dead body will be my biggest worry in the afterlife, something has gone seriously wrong.

However, this all being said, who to leave LG to was a much larger issue. Really, really large. You don't only have to consider who will take the best care of him (I'm sure any of the many relatives or friends would take him in and raise him as their own). You have to take into consideration the burden that would put on these people. And, again, they would all do it willingly, but who wants to put that on them? LG has two cousins within a year of his age. That would be two kids in the same class at school. Not fair. Other families already have 3 or 4 kids, some will be long done with kids before LG even hits his teen years. All things to think about. He'll have a trust, but kids are expensive. We don't want to over burden anyone. Next (and potentially, most importantly), who would raise him most like we would? That was a tough one. Many of our family hold some different beliefs than we do (not drastically different, but different enough). Others just handle things differently than we do (not wrong, just different). Lastly, was there anyone who fit all the other categories for whom taking LG would be a true blessing? That was the key, I think. And we found our almost perfect answer (no, nobody is PB and I, so nobody was perfect). Whew. It was a difficult exercise, but it's done. And though our decision upset a few people, we're pretty happy with it.

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