Monday, July 7, 2008

Oh say can you see?

Well, this really was a long weekend! I'll admit, now that LG is vocal and mobile, he's hard to entertain. You have to keep up with him from about 6:am to 11:pm, with brief naps in which you can, you know, get stuff done.

On the 4th we went to our first parade. Woo hoo, I love a good parade. Give me some Shriners in Fez with tassels and small vehicles, and I'm in heaven. No Shriners at this one, but maybe it's good to start small. We don't want to build expectations.

LG sat in his stroller like a big boy and looked at all the cars and people passing by. And my desensitization exercise worked. I had been playing some bagpipe music in the car with LG all week so that when we got to the parade the sound of ducks having the life squeezed out of them didn't frighten him. Not a flinch. He startled once when we heard the first old fashioned horn honk, but after that he was all eyes. You'd think a firetruck was a feat of engineering genius the way he stared. But I guess when your 5 months old, it is.

After that, we hung out at Auntie J and Uncle BH's house with all the cousins and Aunties and Uncles and such. Good times. Much rolling was done, and many walks around the yard were had.

The rest of the weekend was mainly working on the tree in the yard (now fully taken care of) and the ceiling in the living room. Hopefully, the ceiling will be done early this week, so the window or the floor can be done next weekend. I will admit, the idea of having PB and his friends (read: not professionals in this area) cut a hole in my wall to put in a window does make me nervous. This is exactly the kind of thing we always criticize. None of them have done this before, and I'm not sure which one thinks they can do it. I promise to take many breaths while this is all going on. Or just go out for the day and hope it's done when LG and I return. With lots of new lovely light in our living room.

On another note, what happens to kids clothes between 9 and 12 months? I see newborn, 3-6, 6-9 or 6-12, but it's slim pickings in the 9-12 range. Do they suffer in tight clothes for a little while before you just give in and put them in clothes that are too big for them? Who can tell. Grammie H and I managed to find a few cute things this weekend, but it's really not easy. She's on the hunt for some more stuff (and if anyone can find it, she will. she's magic that way). Any advice on this matter, or a direction to go in, please fill me in. LG is fast approaching the 6-9 size and I think we're all covered there. I have enough summer and fall stuff for this stage (because we will change seasons before he's 9 months...). I guess this happens to everyone, though. And naked really isn't an option in the Cleveland winters.

Here's a picture of our first Hawaiian shirt Friday for LG.

It was a while ago, but I forgot to post it then. Aren't they cute? PB was not pleased with me forcing him to take a picture at 7:am before school (as the face shows). A cousin from Mass sent us LG's Hawaiian shirt as a nod to our Hawaiian shirt wedding. They really are the coolest (thanks Dr. and Mrs. C!) LG was definitely the best dressed kid in school that day.

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