Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday, Schmunday

Oh, really now. I have many exciting things to blog about, but today I am hating my job too much to even blog for you people. I have pictures of construction, pictures of LG eating his first veggies. I even have a title all picked out. But because I am hating my job, I've got nothing.

Normally, my job is but one tiny part of my life that I can close into a box the minute I leave, but not this weekend or today for some reason. Oh, yeah, because it has sucked in larger increments by the day for the last two weeks. That could be why. And PB says I can't quit yet. I would like to comment on the fact that I have not resorted to his tactics from GE, which included greeting me at the door every night with "Can I quit my job?". But the hating it part is right up there.

Now, I know someone out there is asking why. Why all of a sudden do I loathe my work situation? Not all of a sudden. I just usually don't whine about it. It's the same krappe as always (things like, I don't have a desk to call my own, which seems trivial, but you try it for a month or two, never mind two years, or not having a "boss" but having to make many different people happy, as they all have a hand in my future). In the end, I'm just not cut out for this. And I knew I wouldn't be. It's a means to an end. If I can stick it out at least another year (ideally another 3 years...) then I will be in a nice place to move on. With some "good" experience. But another year seems like forever right now. Really, I almost walked into the faux HR lady's office this morning and handed her my laptop.

But I didn't. And now I will stop the whining, because nobody wants to hear this krappe. But if you see me on the street and I growl, cut me some slack for a few days. I will crawl into a hole somewhere, snuggle my kid and be alright in the end (I hope). Other wise, look for me on the evening news. I'll be the one in orange, who's neighbors and family keep saying was "such a nice girl".

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