Monday, July 14, 2008

Let the sunshine in...

And here we have:

My new window! In the living room! Woo hoo. And no major mishaps to report. Everyone has all of their fingers, and we didn't find anything too awful about our house. It really looks nice. Changes the whole appearance of the room. And lets in a lot of light, for just one window. It's made me very happy already, and we're not even in the room at all yet!
Here is the before:
And the during:
Don't PB and Uncle B do nice work? I think they might have even had some fun. I couldn't say, though, as LG and I made our selves scarce. Didn't want to get in the way, or anything. I'm sure there was much grunting and beer drinking, as it was construction work.
Sigh, a window. PB is going to work on finishing up the ceiling this week (it needs some smoothing and another coat of goo in spots). Then next weekend is the sub floor. And then we paint the walls (don't ask about colors- I have some samples but nothing is set in stone). We might be done by the 9th of August. This really is coming along nicely.
Now that we're a little closer to making it a reality, we've talked about re-arranging the room. If you've been there, you know that all the furniture was towards the back of the house, and facing the outer walls (so when you entered, people on the couch had their backs to you). That left a weird amount of free space that was relatively unused. We're thinking of putting the TV on the opposite wall now. That would leave the free space toward the back of the house, and make it more open next to the kitchen. Then LG could use this as play space, and I could still see him from the kitchen. And nobody would have their back to the kitchen if they were sitting on the couch. We'll see, though. It's all pretty open for now.

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