Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Let me explain...

Many people are wondering what PB stands for. No, not Papa Bear (how silly, people... really now). It stands for Papa Badger. I will explain.

When Dan and I started dating he did not sport his current facial fur. However, he didn't like shaving then any more than he does now. So, he usually sported a 2 day stubble. Good times.

At that same time, we both discovered the comic strip "Sheldon" and fell in love with it. So, when this strip came out (the original art of this is hanging on our kitchen wall, if it looks familiar to anyone). The phrase "like smooching a badger" became a tag line. And PB was nicknamed DB at the time for D Badger (sorry, if you don't know his first name already, I'm not telling you now...). Now that we have LG, he became PB (PapaBadger). To further complicate it, PB bought me a stuffed badger that Christmas that I named Baxzter. Hence the screen name Baxzter's Mom and Baxzter's blog.

Long and convoluted (not to mention a little weird), but now you know. And hopefully, you will read some other Sheldon comics and get hooked. It's a very addictive strip.

And now for the tree pictures:

As you can see, it's not necessarily the biggest tree in our yard, but it had many branches and did give quite a bit of coverage of the back 25 (no, we don't have a back 40, but we do like to keep our distance from our neighbor in the back.). It wasn't integral to our landscaping (and it missed the darn pool). Still, sad to see a tree come down. A large part of our buying this house was that it was on so much land with so many trees (and we can pretend that we don't have neighbors at all!) I'm trying to find one of those organizations that want's more trees planted and is willing to give them out free. I'll take a few to replace some of the recent carnage from these high winds. Anyone know of such an organization? If I had known about this last summer, the red maple would have gone in back, but that's life, I guess.

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