Tuesday, July 1, 2008

In which I...

resist the urge to smack the kid at the ticket box. I had to go purchase a gift card for the movie theater this morning on my way to work. And in my head I worked out that a $50 card only gets you 5 tickets. So I happened to say, "Wow, that's not a lot of movies for $50." And the little punk behind the glass (and it's a good thing he was) says, "Yeah, what were movies when you were a kid? $5?". When I was a kid? What do I look, 50? Snot nose brat. As a matter of fact, the first movie I went to alone only cost $2. It was a manitee of the Black Cauldron. Back when a matinee was every movie before 5:00.

Which leads me to remember some things nostalgically. Like waiting in line to see "ET" with my folks at an old movie theater in my home town that no longer exists. Or going on my first real date with a boy (yup, I was 16) to see "Memphis Belle". My last real outing alone with my Dad was to see "Sister Act" with Whoopie Goldberg (he thought she was hysterical, and really liked the music). I could go on forever about movies and how much I love them. Thank goodness PB does, too. I think my all time favorites are "Stand By Me" (I will admitt that I had a think for River Pheonix) and "Shawshank Redemption" (no matter how many times I see it on TBS).

Onward, though. To pictures.

The hole that is cemented over? Yup, toilet hole for the old bathroom. Pretty sure this is not how you're supposed to fix this one before you put carpet right on top of it. Yes, you read right. Not a lick of wood above the cement. Just carpet pad and carpet.

This one is the lovely job of putting in patches where they took down walls. All I can say about this is that it's kind of cool to see the old floor plan. And if he had done the job right, and taken out the old floor, put down plywood and then carpeted, we would never be able to do this.

Sorry, this one is sideways. But some folks didn't believe that he didn't stain the sides of the window frame. Now you see the proof. At least we won't have to sand the stain off the whole window frame (as it is a pukey orangey stain that won't match a single thing and it's not varnished, so it looks like royal krappe.)

What's under the duct tape, you ask?

Why, a hole, of course. I believe the old heating pipes came up here, though one can't be sure.

In this one you can see where the old cement board is from the original bathroom (in the right corner of the picture) and some of the old layout of the house. You can also catch a glimpse of PB's sexy legs and backside, but that's just bonus footage.

Here's how the ceiling looks right now. You can see where PB took off all the drywall tape and sanded off the "texture". He also fixed up some of the parts of the ceiling that were crumbly. Fun stuff, I tell you.

If you happen to be out there in cyberspace catching up on us via the blog, unlurk! I think it's hysterical that you guys send me e-mail to talk to me. Post a comment, for the love of Pete! All you need is a google e-mail (which many of you already have!)

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