Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm trying, here.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I have been quite remiss in posting. Too much going on (or too much that needs to be done, and one little boy who is now insistant on being cuddled in order to eat or nap in the evening). Ugh, I will be happy when this renovation is complete. While I don't mind spending time in the old office (I never really had a good reason to go into that room before), it's not in a convenient place. I used to be able to rock LG to sleep downstairs, put him into his bouncy seat, and wash some dishes or clean the kitchen. Even sneak in some laundry, all the while either being in full site of him, or being able to sneak a peak. Now, if he naps, he's on the 2nd floor, in a corner, and not convenient to anything. But I'm done whining.

LG has grown. Wowzers. We thought he might have been going through a growth spurt (lots of sleeping and whining) but who can really tell, in the end. Then this morning, I dropped him off at school. His friend Addison, who used to be his size, if not larger, is now visably smaller. The boy is getting tall! Not wider, however. His outfits are still wide on him, but not long enough. I guess that's good, right?

I will try to snap some photos of the room in progress tonight. There is no longer a floor. At all. All exposed floor joists and then, boom, basement. You can stand in the kitchen and look at the washer/dryer. Now if only I could just reach down to move the laundry.

ok, back to the back.

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