Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cool Toy

Ok, I'm a dork. I will freely admitt that. If you have some time for fun, check this out Take a few minutes out of your day to play with it. I had some fun making up a little dance, even (can you tell I had the day off?)

Yup, "the firm" gave us the day off. Right around the same time they listed out our holidays. And we all realized they are skrewing us around the winter holidays. Go team...

For my special day off, I spent the first three hours after I dropped LG off at school at the dentist. Where the news wasn't the greatest, but I will not put you through that. Then, PB told me not to go pick LG up early. Uhm? Why not?

Because he was coming home early to take me to lunch! At the Cabin Club! Ooooh, la, la. We had a whole meal where we didn't worry that LG would either wake up, or need to be entertained. Just to us. To talk. About stuff. It was rather nice. Though I felt guilty and kind of missed him.

He was chilling with his girlfriend M on the mats when we went to get him. Funny, he was chilling with his girlfriend A when we left. Such a social little guy.

Living room update:

The wallpaper border is down (thank god) and PB is presently putting the ceiling back together. Progress is being made. Stop by for a view if you're around town.

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