Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Can we fix it?

Yes, we can (well, I think so!). Ok, sorry for the Bob the Builder reference, but our last construction fiasco has just reconfirmed my thinking that we should just blow up our house and PB can rebuild it from the basement up. But we will not. We will continue on our path. We have taken up the concrete from where the old bathroom was (a job and a half).
Here you can see that in progress. And when it was all done:

In this one you can see the floor joists that we found out we have to replace (because they were in the middle of concrete and have rotted out, go figure). That is this week's project. And then the sub floor, so I stop having holes in my living room.

Then PB cut out the floor along the wall, so that we can get the sub floor out as far to the outer walls as we can:

If you want to know why, you'd have to ask him. I understand, but in that way that I just trust he knows what he's doing...

And after a week of looking like jungle camouflage, we have found a wall color! Really. Briarwood. For anyone who saw our house in River, it's the same color as the old living room. For those who never saw us in River:

It's the largest painted area, with the white peaking out the top. We decided to go with a light primer under it. So, everyone is happier now. We thought we had a winner with the dark green, but then PB realized it's the color of baby poo. And who wants to sit in a baby poo room? So, Briarwood it is. Sigh.

I have more pictures, but I'm feeling too lazy to post them. If you want to see, you'll have to come visit.

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