Wednesday, July 23, 2008

All we are saying...

is give peas a chance. And the little guy did. Ok, they were green beans. But he really did like them. And he ate way more than we thought he would, and kept most of it in. Here is how it progressed:
The practice before the actual food:

And then the green beans:This shot does not really express how it happened. He was opening his mouth when he had finished swallowing, and leaning towards the spoon for more. It was impressive. But then he discovered he liked how the felt squishing in his hands, too, and it was down hill from there. But we are now a happy veggie eater! Go LG.

Other than that, nothing new to report on the LG front. My job is still sucky, but it is better than monday (I did manage to get the lid on the box in which I keep my job by Tuesday morning- thanks for all the words of support!).

There is a small plague going through our house, and I am the current possessor. Yeah.

More construction pictures in the next post, I promise!

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