Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Your ear bone's connected to...

Your stomach, somehow? When I went to pick LG up at school yesterday, the teacher stopped me to tell me how much they like the new baby bottles (score 1 for our team). She said he chomped right through them (she had more to say- see below). Which made me remember that he used to be a really good eater. Right up until the time he was about 7 or 8 weeks old. Then he got really picky.

Now, I'm wondering, could this ear thing have been going on longer than we think, and just gotten really bad now? Or maybe he just eats in cycles? It's a mystery. Either way, we're now up to 6 oz bottles (which is where we should be, again). Amazing. Go LG!

This is a picture of all the babies on Sunday. It was a "clothes free" zone for babies! That's cousin K, in the middle, and cousin S, on the right. LG is there drinking from his new bottle. I love seeing all these guys together. This is a year's worth of babies, in our family (K is 14 months, S is 7 months, and LG is 4 months.)

LG's teacher, Miss J, really liked the new bottles, though. No more rubber nipples (and why didn't someone tell me those weren't good for you? For Pete's sake, the hospital gave us those!!!), and no more Bisephanol-A. We went to these little numbers We did have to get different nipples (we just went with the Avent silicone ones) since the Green to Grow ones were a tad longer than what we're used to and LG was gagging on them. She said she's glad we're up to date on our chemical free bottles (though they would never influence us either way). These bottles have a golden tint to them, though (due to the plastic they use), which freaked them out at first. The teachers thought something was wrong with the formula until they realized it was the bottle.

After all the research, and the ordering and such, I'm feeling pretty good that it worked out and LG is happy, and school is happy. Though, more research has caused me to laugh. The bottles I bought were $9.99 on the website. And $15 on Amazon. and even more other places.
Sorry to go on about this, but it's been on my mind a lot lately. I don't know why it's stuck there. Bizarre. It's like getting a song stuck in your head. You might think about other stuff, but it all comes back to that one tune.

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