Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Photo Shoot

Here's a picture of LG's first real food. Rice cereal. I chose to put this picture up first because he actually looks like he might have enjoyed it. Please note, this picture does not portray the real events of this moment.

This one is more accurate:

He spit most of it out and it was really funny for us. I'm pretty sure he didn't enjoy it at all.

The renovation continues. We have the carpet up and PB is presently sanding the ceiling. Then we fix the ceiling up and move on to the plywood on the floor.

So, here are the first pictures.

This is the plastic barrier that is keeping all the evil dust out of the rest of the house (and if you look closely you can see PB on the left sanding the ceiling).

Here is a lovely shot of the floor after we took up the carpet:

And, yes, that is duct tape over a hole in the floor. When we took it up, you could see down to the basement. Woo hoo. The previous owner did a marvelous job of his renovation.

Good times. I'll get the before pictures and the "what's under the duct tape" pictures up as soon as I get the time.

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