Monday, June 23, 2008

Let the fun begin.

An update: The yoga, it went well. I guess I'm all sorts of out of balance, though. The yogi promised to try to fix me. And it didn't really hurt at all, yet. Now we just wait for next Thursday for the first class to see how we get on.

I ended up having a root canal on Friday morning. Ahhh, so much better. I guess all the tooth grinding has caused me to fracture a tooth, which caused the filling in it to shift and get infected and all sorts of other badness. The endodontist that did the actual work was amazing, though. Less than 45 minutes from the time my rear hit the chair to me at the front desk holding instructions and taking my free toothpaste sample. And now? I feel like it's a whole new mouth. Ahhh.

As for the fun, it began this weekend. Yesterday we cleared out the living room of all it's bits and baubles. It is a big, empty canvas, waiting for repairs and some new duds. I have 27 boxes of hardwood flooring (Brazilian cherry- don't condemn me for my imported floor) sitting in the guest room, acclimating. This week, PB will pull up the carpet and start fixing the ceiling. To fill you in, the guy who "remodeled" our house didn't bother to put compound under the dry wall tape, so we have cracks in our ceiling located conveniently every 4 feet or so. Wunderbar, no? SO, our first mission is to fix that little thing. And sand all the "texture" off the ceiling, I guess (it bothers PB a lot more than it bothers me, all this sponged on texture across the house). Oh, wait, that's part II. Part I is to pull up the carpet and fix the floor (and get it to reliable ply wood status). I guess we have questions as to the status of whatever is under the carpeting. Then we do the ceiling. The we put in a new window, paint the walls (and the trim, unlike the previous owner, who didn't feel the need to paint the trim under the curtains...) and finally, put in the new floor. All of this in 6 weeks (a compromised time line- I think it will take 8, PB thinks 4).

LG and I are now hanging out in our new "Batcave". We turned the office into a remote outpost of the living room. We moved the tv and the big chair into that room, and will hang out up there while the renovation takes place, far away from the fumes and dust. I'm pretty sure it's as far away as we can get and still be in the same house. But you can be that the jacktard that remodeled our house has some vent that directly connects the two, somehow.

I'll throw up the before and during pictures as we go (as well as update LG pictures).

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