Monday, June 30, 2008

It tried to eat me...

It's definitely a Monday. Really, really a Monday. But I will not obsess.

We had good fun this weekend. Saturday during the day we played inside while PB tried to dismantle the giant tree that fell in the yard (I will get a shot of it this evening, if I can remember). If it had been a few feet taller, it would have ended up in the pool. Which really might have been the last straw for the pool, as far as I'm concerned.

But Saturday night was excitement all around. We met up with friends at C&D's house (where the puppies live!) and went over to the St. Bernadette's church fest. There were lights and people and a guy singing a lively mix of Neil Diamond and Willie Nelson hits. And LG got more attention that he bargained for. PB rode some rides with B (and neither of them got sick!) and the toothless carnies all cooed over LG. LG should run for president some day if he can get the attention of everyone from the Partners at my firm to the carnies at the church fest. And he's met his first politician. Dennis Kuchinich was at the fest and he stopped by (ok, B called him over) to say hi!. Thank goodness he's not a baby kissing type politician, lest any of that liberal nonsense rub off on little guy.

Yesterday we went to the Lake Farmpark. PB will tell you that a calf tried to eat LG, but I think he was just trying to taste him.

And we saw a sheep dog at work (and working hard, I might add):

And LG almost got to pet a sheep (but PB didn't actually let him touch the sheep because they're probably "dirty").

It's probably all for the best, though, as the ram that was hanging out with the sheep "bah"ed in a loud, angryish manner.

After the sheep LG pretty much fell asleep while PB and I walked a little longer before calling it a day. A successful outing for our first time with farm animals, though.

All that said, no work was done on the living room, which remains a pit. I'll get some shots of the ceiling and what is under the duct tape this evening for all to see.

On to conquer another week of fun in the accounting world. Oh, and Blogger's spell check isn't working, once again, so you will all have to live with my krappy spelling.

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Karen Martin said...

Looks like you had a fun time with the farm animals. This weekend Nicole graduated from high school. It was a nice ceremony. I didn't even cry. I can't believe she is finished. Nate & Ashley, Jason, Chris, Sandy, Ed & I then took her out for dessert. Of course, the best part.
Liked the pictures of house, I can see that is going to be an all summer project.