Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The brink of death

Holy cows, last week we really were on the brink of death. Saturday, we took PBadger to the Dr to see what was wrong with his eye. He's fine, just allergies, but 3 hours in the waiting room. Really, now?

Then LG went to the dr for his 4 month check up (and shots) and we found out he has an ear infection. Which apparently explains the stuffy nose, cough and splorking up whole meals. I feel bad that he wasn't up to snuff for a whole week before we found out. Poor kid. But now he's on the mend.

And I had the plague (no, not literally, though some of PB's co-workers did think it was literal). It started out as a sinus infection, but the medicine the doctor gave me made me nauscious, so I stopped eating, and drinking. And on Wednesday night, couldn't sleep, so I took some Tylenol PM. Oooh, not good. PB found me on the floor between our room and LGs and lets just say I wasn't in good shape. I kept telling him about how I saw Barnie Miller on TV (which I did) and how the guy actually does say "Book 'em, Dano.", which I had forgotten. He was all freaked out.

But after many ice pops and some jello, we made our way back from the edge and are now doing just peachy.

Friday night was our Relay for Life thingy. It was fun, but hotter than the devil's arm pits. Whew. PB and LG joined me at around 6, but couldn't stay outside long in that heat. So, Grammie and Auntie C and cousin K came on over for a short visit, instead.

Saturday morning, Auntie J flew in from the east, all by herself (I'm pretty sure she doesn't remember the last time she did something ALL BY HERSELF). We spent the day hanging out, and doing some food shopping, and learning how to roll. Then Auntie M (our fairy Godmother) came in afternoon. More food, more rolling.

On Sunday we had the baptism. LG was really good through regular church. Then he began to scream at the baptism. I think he was just overtired, and in new clothes (see gown below). Oh, well. He stopped after a few minutes and got through the rest just fine. It was really a nice ceremony.

Then we all went back to the house for a BBQ. And that, too, would have been much improved had the pool been open. Holy Hot, batman. I swear, people were melting on the lawn. But LG got to visit with almost everyone and all was well. Some of the folks that were there he sees more than others, and I think everyone did a really good job of sharing.
I have to say, I'm still really happy about finding that gown. Shopping for really important things on-line makes me nervous, usually. You just never know what it will really look like, or how it will fit. And you never know if you can really return things to people you can't walk up to. But this worked out well. It's not too fancy, but very pretty. And it will work for a boy or a girl. And it's well made, so hopefully we can hand it down among the generations. PBadger and Uncle B had to get over the fact that LG was in a "dress" for a few minutes, but they did eventually.
More later on Bisephanol A and my quest for baby bottles. For now, maybe to find somewhere quiet to nap? Not at work. Rats.

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Karen Martin said...

Glad to hear that you are on the mend. I know how different medicine effects you, please take more care. You need to eat and drink, we all need you. The baptism gown looks beautiful and it is a good idea to start a new Hill tradition. I hope to see to LG sometime soon. I enjoy reading your updates, it know it must be hard to keep up with everything. Don't worry about the little stuff, enjoy all your time with LG. They grow up so fast. I can't beleive Nicole is graduating in a couple of weeks. Have a great day.