Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bisephenol A...

Yeah, I probably spelled that wrong. And, no, I don't care. Argh. The list of things that makes me worry these days is never ending. My biggest worry used to be "did I turn off the stove? yeah, probably" and I'd be done in a day. Now? Argh. I'm pretty convinced I'll never be able to do this Mom thing quite right, and I'll always be just treading water. I am the Mom that will show up 5 minutes late wearing not quite the right outfit and not quite sure I'm in the right place. And for most stuff, I'm ok with that. As long as my kid is healthy, and relatively happy.

Hence my worrying about this bisephenol A. And its potential problems. Last weekend I spent God knows how many hours out on-line trying to find a bottle that looked like one LG would like that didn't contain potentially harmful chemicals.

And don't start with the "when we were kids" krappe. When I was a kid, half of the things that might kill my kid now didn't exist. I could drink from the garden hose because the water came from the well and we lived in the middle of nowhere. We could ride out bikes alone because without our knowing it, about a hundred neighbors were looking out their windows at us, and if we needed them, we could have knocked on any one of a thousand doors for help from people we knew.

Not so much anymore. We're in such a hurry to be bigger, and better and faster that we're a danger to ourselves.

Yesterday I did manage to get another really cute shot of LG.

You just have to love that face. I love the way he's looking right into the camera. Now, if I could just make the binki go away. Oh, well.

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