Thursday, June 19, 2008


LG got his 4 month shots on Monday. The dr. cleaned out some gunk from his ears (which did not make her his friend, in any way) proclaimed him healthy and proceeded to stick him. And, once again, he gave me that look that said "Et tu, Mama? You knew this was coming, and you still let her do it?" It's that sad, betrayed look that I hate. But it's over now, and once the sting wore off he was absolutely fine and happy again.

On a happier note, little station wagon got some new tires yesterday. It feels like a whole new car! Woo hoo. Can I tell you how much I love my car? Don't care if people mock me for my "momobile", or that it's now almost 6 years old, I love it. Love to drive it, love to ride in it. Happy to click my LGs car seat into it. Good stuff. We have spoken about looking at the new VW wagons when they come out in August, but I'll be hard pressed to give up my car. Even the people who service it always say what a nice car it is, and how I've kept it up nicely. And now baby got a new pair of shoes.

And, on another note, when did work stop being about working? I had a conference call this morning with my "peers" where all they did was whine about the work environment. Really, people? I wanted to tell them all about what it was like when I first entered corporate America, 10 years ago. People could still smoke in the office (yuck), you had to wear hose ,and closed toed shoes. "Casual Friday" was really new and meant that you could wear khakis and a polo shirt (not jeans and certainly not t-shirts) and not every company had one. You had to come in at 8:00 and couldn't leave until 5:00. We all felt appreciated when once a year we got a corporate prezzie like a mug or a t-shirt, and you felt uber appreciated when you did a special project and got some $$$ for it. But the new people in the work world want to know what's in it for them. Uhm, other than the paycheck? I feel really old complaining about this, but it kills me.

And today I have my first yoga class. I guess it's sort of an evaluation. I'm very excited. I'm hoping it makes my back feel better, and gives me some energy back. We'll see. I'll report back to you, my loving listeners.

Must go. Duty calls.

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