Monday, May 19, 2008


Holy krappe, thank god this weekend is over. Can I tell you how long and stressful it was? Uncle B got married this weekend (finally, for jebus' sake). PBadge was in the wedding, and LG and I were supposed to be at certain parts of it (me more than LG) and so there were sitters to arrange, and dress clothes to iron and keep splork free. Lets just say, much driving was done in the station wagon. We are now in debt to half of the free world for taking LG when it was deemed inappropriate for him to be around.

But we'll summarize: the groom and groomsmen were cute, the bride was beautiful (insert sappy sigh here) and the dresses were... well... purple. We'll leave it at that. Purple. A nice style, but purple. I now get the lilac ties. They were the closest thing to Puurple. But, all in all, it was a beautiful wedding. I will throw in here that the priest had such a bad combover that if you had actually put all the hair where it belonged, it would have been a mullet. You're a man of god, isn't vanity a sin, here?

But many people told me how adorable and well behaved LG was (why thank you, it's all my doing). And there was not one, but two open bars for me to indulge in. There was dancing, and a faboo cake (all white, 3 or 4 teir, with purple trim- very modern and all). So, in all, it was a good wedding.

We spent yesterday recovering. I was able to actually clean parts of my house and get some laundry done (for one small critter, I've found I do much laundry. at least one load for him to one load for the other two of us. weird, as his things are much smaller). Pbadger went to the babystore to search for a new teething binky (which he didn't find, darn it-but he did bring home a second option) and found many pairs of pants that LG can wear to school (and they were ON SALE!!).

LG had a good time meeting his new doggy friends on Friday night. They tried to swap toys, I hear. Good for them. Everyone was sharing nicely, and nobody howled (which is good for C&D who were sitting for him). Now we know doggies and C&D are on the list of things we like. And I appreciate it any time we can add to that list.

I think it might actually take a few more days until I feel like we're back to normal. Whatever normal was.

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