Friday, May 16, 2008


Thank Buddha it's Friday. Man, I thought it would never get here. It's been a good week around our house, but it was stressful.

LG had a great first week at school! He's back on a schedule, sleeping mostly through the night and eating like a champ (a chomp?). The ladies tell me he has a girlfriend, and he's just about the most content kid they've ever met. I think they were a little disappointed at first that he's not a really snuggly kid, but when they realized he likes to watch and talk to them that made up for it. He's the first kid in the room (because apparently Pbadger and I are the only people that need to get to work by 8:am), so he sits at the table with Miss MJ and talks to her while she sets up the room and does her paperwork. Then he "greets" all the other kids as they come in.

His new girlfriend (we'll call her Miss M) like to roll on the mats with him (he taught her to roll) and stick his hand into her mouth. He just lets her munch on him and giggles. His cousin, Miss S likes to do that, too. Must be a girl thing.

Uncle B's getting married this weekend, and I'm sure we'll be crazy. Papa picked up his tux last night, so the excitements already started (oh, and the tie's? lilac. I'm pretty sure that's not what the bride described to me, but who am I to question. maybe it will look stellar). We have to do some gymnastics to make sure little guy has a place to be during all the hoopla (he's only coming to the church, and even that got some questionable looks from people). I realize that baby's are not appropriate at these kinds of events, but the groom is his godfather. People can just suck it up.

He'll get to meet his first doggies tonight while he hangs out with some friends. I'll have to drop the camera with them, too. Maybe he'll have more attention for them than for the cats.

As for me, I just need more sleep. really. sleep. and a few more hours to the day. my house is a dissaster. it needs to be vaccuumed, at the least. argh. maybe sunday. maybe not.

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