Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I've been remiss on my postings. I was doing so well there for while. And there were so many things I could have ranted about this weekend, too. Things like:

Vets selling poppies- where did they all go? All weekend I was on the lookout for some vets selling Memorial Day poppies. I finally found one yesterday in front of the supermarket. When I asked her why so few, she responded that there were so few vets left that could stand outside and sell them. The WWII and Korea vets are getting older, and they never let the Vietnam vets join the VFWs. She didn't know much about the current vets that were coming home now, but she said her VFW post sees very few young people. Kind of sad. The passing of an era. At first I thought, well that's good. Fewer vets is a good thing, right? But not really. There are probably a lot of vets out there that just aren't members of a VFW. You would think that someone would encourage them to join so that they could have the same kind of comradery that the older vets had. I guess maybe it's just a different experience now (though I have no idea, not being a vet at all). Hopefully, they all realize that a lot of people support them and are thankful for their service.

My being clueless- LG has been coming home almost daily with dirty clothes because he's pooping though his diapers. And it took me almost two weeks to realize that maybe, just maybe, he needs to be in the next size up. Yeah, I'm a genius. So this weekend we bought some size 2 diapers, and tried it out. I guess we'll see how school goes today to see if this will solve the problem, though. I would have thought his teacher would have mentioned something, but I guess it's not her job to question my judgement of diaper size. The unfortunate part of this was that I was finally in a good position with the old diaper size, and now we have a ton of those. Save them for next time, I guess? The ones at school we just gave to the littlier kids to use. No point taking them back home if someone there can use them.

I'm pretty sure I ranted more than this, but this is all I can remember right now. Poor LG didn't have a great weekend. He has some sort of cold/allergy thing going on where he's all sniffly and runny nose-ish, with a really wet sounding cough. He coughed so hard at points that he lost his lunch twice. And let me tell you, none of us enjoyed that. This morning he seemed back on his game, though. We'll see how his day goes. Maybe tomorrow we'll go see the Dr, if we need to . He has an appointment next Monday, though, so maybe we hold out.

Yesterday, PBadger got his first dose of guilt. We were sitting at the table playing some cards with the in-laws and PB had LG in his lap. LG decided he was tired of holding himself up and face planted on the table. With a rather loud "whap" and much screaming. He was ok, though. I'm pretty sure PB felt much worse. I know that feeling. It comes when I clip a finger along with the finger nail (another story for another day). PB likes to tell people that I cry almost as much as LG. We have to get better about shaking off our "oopsies", I guess.

I also spent some quality time this weekend looking for this: http://razbaby.com/RaZ-Berry-Teether.html
You would not believe how hard they are to find! None of the stores they point to on the site had them! I finally ordered them from Target. LG is a bit unreliable at holding on to things (he doesn't really understand that he controls his hands yet) and he has some teeth coming in. PB and I are getting a bit tired of holding teethers in for him. So, i thought this might work. We'll see when it gets here, I guess. I ordered one for LG and one for cousin S, too.

Must pretend to care about work now. Woo hoo.

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