Friday, May 9, 2008


Hmm, the world looks different when you don't get much sleep. LG has hit another growth spurt, and so we're back to that weird fussy sleeping. I guess I can sacrifice some sleep if it means he ends up a little bigger in the end. We're still shooting for a football player, here.

So, has anyone read about this new dissolving dead people? I'm interested. And it's kind of cool that we're still innovating in an area that must not see too much new technology. I have always been a proponent of cremation (I don't want to take up space when I'm gone), but this seems to be environmentally friendlier. I wonder how much it would cost, though?

Enough of the morbid stuff. A good friend is graduating from grad school this weekend. Congratulations Jeff! I wish I could go back out to NY and see him walk across the stage. Good times. Still miss the old gang a lot.

And this is our first Mother's day. LG and Papa already gave me their presents, though. LG picked out some earrings to match the necklace he gave me when he was born (he has great taste in jewelry, that one).

And Papa bought another cherry blossom tree for the front yard (this one isn't a sapling, though. a little larger to give it more of a chance against the deer). The deer didn't kill the cherry blossom from last year, though (though they did take out 4 of our 5 apple trees, viscous evil herbivores that they are). So,now we'll have two. Papa has promised that we will be getting rid of the "flower" bed in the front yard, so I'm hoping to have a whole line of cherry blossoms along the side walk in a few years. Woo hoo. Many of the streets around us have cherry blossoms in their tree lawns. It's absolutely beautiful right now to drive down them. It looks like the trees are covered with snow, and the yards are pretty green.

If I had the time or the energy, I would keep all of the flower beds in our yard, but there's just no way. And as is, they just look raggedy. Dan's Mom and sister are constantly picking that them when they come over because they're just out of control. I figure if I keep one or two, and turn the rest into lawn it will all look better in the end. Does anyone have any suggestions for low maintenance items that take well to shade? Right now we have two pathetic looking Rhododendrons in the flower beds by the porch. I want to move one, and the other just deserves a pleasant funeral. But I'll need to replace them. Suggestions?


Steph said...

I don't think that you ever saw my parent's house in Latham, but that was a very shady lot and my Dad had to move some rhododendron bushs because they didn't get enough sun. Maybe some yew shrubs and hostas in the front of the house would fill in nicely and not take away from the cherry trees closer to the street. There's got to be something like Hewitt's there, and they can give you some ideas. Then for your flower beds - you might want something like impatiens because they grow well with minimal tending. And Daddy always had some bleeding hearts in his garden - that's a nice-looking plant even when it's not in bloom.

Baxzter's Mom said...

Yeah, I have some bleeding hearts that are attempting to grow in the beds by the porch. Planted them last year. Deer eat the hostas, though, and it encourages them to get closer to the house. I'm telling you, they're evil vermin.