Tuesday, May 13, 2008

First Day of School

LG had his first day in daycare yesterday. It went pretty well. The care lady called me around 8:am to ask about his schedule, but I was in training and couldn't answer. So, she called Papa. Apparently, he thinks we have no schedule and little guy eats and sleeps as he pleases... I did get to call and let her know that I did get him on a schedule and he does follow it usually. She was much happier then. I'm pretty sure she thought I was some kind of dirty hippy.

When I went to pick him up last night I found out he's making all sorts of friends. He spent some time in the swings with a little girl two weeks younger than him (who cried when he moved on). A ladies man. And he was upset when the older kids went into the tunnel activity and happy when they popped out. I imagine he was thinking "Damn, after all my time with just that woman, I finally make a friend and now he's gone!", "Ooooh, you're back. Good times."

It seems like he'll enjoy going to school, at least.

On another note, the ground hogs in our yard had babies over the winter, too. We've seen four little furry guys waddling around. Very cute. And our usual assortment of bunnies and deer and stuff. A statement on the weather in Ohio is that we now have some ducks and ducklings that wander through the yard. Too much rain, anyone?

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