Monday, May 19, 2008

Entry 2

In which I bitch.

I am a big fan of the funny papers. Comic strips make me happy. And I read all sorts of different comics. For Better For Worse, Beetle Bailey, and some that only come in web form now, like Sheldon and Barkeater Lake. I know many people do not share my love for this media. So be it.

However, this is causing me issues. Used to be, you could get the paper, and read all your favorites. Then a few years ago, I found out that newspapers were not syndicating all of those comics anymore, since it costs them money. So they started dropping comics to update them, instead of just adding new ones. That's when I got my first subscription to on line "web comics". And it was something like $5 for the year. I'm ok with that.

But then they got greedy. I was invited to join again this spring for $30. Uhm, nope. I like getting my comics in my e-mail inbox as much as the next guy, but I'm not spending that much.

And I think some of the folks that write the ones I really love realized that. So they left, and now are out on-line independantly.

Unfortunately, that means they're not making $$$ off their creations. So they pretty much beg for donations on their sites. Which makes me sad, and annoys me all at the same time. I've bought some of their books, and even bought PBadge an original art comic, but I'm tired of the begging. It's like the tip jar at Starbucks. Those folks don't make the "waitstaff" wage, you make minimum wage. And while I feel for you, you are doing nothing that requires me to "tip" you other than to tell you to stay off drugs and stay in school. My comics artists choose to stay out of the mainstream system, and while I applaud them for that, don't beg me for $$$. I show up to my krappy job 5 days a week, here...

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