Thursday, May 15, 2008


Oh, dudes. Normally, I reserve my worrying over random diseases and all things that go bump for the night, but one has snuck up on me in broad daylight.

I was driving into work with my friend, and up pop this billboard. It's a charity raising funds for Tay Sachs research. Normally, I would feel bad for the little kid on the sign and get over it. However, this sign says, "LG died from Tay Sachs before his 3rd birthday". Ok, it didn't refer to the kid as LG, but it was LGs name. It was like a sucker punch right to the gut. Really, I just wasn't ready to think about that with only a few hours of sleep and no morning tea. It made me want to turn the car around and go get LG at daycare just to hold him.

Of couse, I kept right on driving into the city and came to work, after saying a little prayer for people who's kids are sick. Because, as far as we know, he's perfectly healthy and happy and we just have to live for the good times and worry less. Yeah, right.

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