Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I've been remiss on my postings. I was doing so well there for while. And there were so many things I could have ranted about this weekend, too. Things like:

Vets selling poppies- where did they all go? All weekend I was on the lookout for some vets selling Memorial Day poppies. I finally found one yesterday in front of the supermarket. When I asked her why so few, she responded that there were so few vets left that could stand outside and sell them. The WWII and Korea vets are getting older, and they never let the Vietnam vets join the VFWs. She didn't know much about the current vets that were coming home now, but she said her VFW post sees very few young people. Kind of sad. The passing of an era. At first I thought, well that's good. Fewer vets is a good thing, right? But not really. There are probably a lot of vets out there that just aren't members of a VFW. You would think that someone would encourage them to join so that they could have the same kind of comradery that the older vets had. I guess maybe it's just a different experience now (though I have no idea, not being a vet at all). Hopefully, they all realize that a lot of people support them and are thankful for their service.

My being clueless- LG has been coming home almost daily with dirty clothes because he's pooping though his diapers. And it took me almost two weeks to realize that maybe, just maybe, he needs to be in the next size up. Yeah, I'm a genius. So this weekend we bought some size 2 diapers, and tried it out. I guess we'll see how school goes today to see if this will solve the problem, though. I would have thought his teacher would have mentioned something, but I guess it's not her job to question my judgement of diaper size. The unfortunate part of this was that I was finally in a good position with the old diaper size, and now we have a ton of those. Save them for next time, I guess? The ones at school we just gave to the littlier kids to use. No point taking them back home if someone there can use them.

I'm pretty sure I ranted more than this, but this is all I can remember right now. Poor LG didn't have a great weekend. He has some sort of cold/allergy thing going on where he's all sniffly and runny nose-ish, with a really wet sounding cough. He coughed so hard at points that he lost his lunch twice. And let me tell you, none of us enjoyed that. This morning he seemed back on his game, though. We'll see how his day goes. Maybe tomorrow we'll go see the Dr, if we need to . He has an appointment next Monday, though, so maybe we hold out.

Yesterday, PBadger got his first dose of guilt. We were sitting at the table playing some cards with the in-laws and PB had LG in his lap. LG decided he was tired of holding himself up and face planted on the table. With a rather loud "whap" and much screaming. He was ok, though. I'm pretty sure PB felt much worse. I know that feeling. It comes when I clip a finger along with the finger nail (another story for another day). PB likes to tell people that I cry almost as much as LG. We have to get better about shaking off our "oopsies", I guess.

I also spent some quality time this weekend looking for this: http://razbaby.com/RaZ-Berry-Teether.html
You would not believe how hard they are to find! None of the stores they point to on the site had them! I finally ordered them from Target. LG is a bit unreliable at holding on to things (he doesn't really understand that he controls his hands yet) and he has some teeth coming in. PB and I are getting a bit tired of holding teethers in for him. So, i thought this might work. We'll see when it gets here, I guess. I ordered one for LG and one for cousin S, too.

Must pretend to care about work now. Woo hoo.


That was a fast weekend. Unfortunately, it wasn't really productive or necessarily fun. I think we had some extra time, so we tried to catch up on sleep. That means that we didn't really spend too much time together, though (as one person hangs out with LG while the other one naps). Rats.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Return of the King

PBadger comes home this evening, thank god. Even though he was only gone one night, I stressed about it. I'm not at my finest at night, so I worry about having LG all by myself. I hate to grump at him before he goes to bed because I'm tired and want to go to bed, too.

So far, though, all this worrying has been unfounded. This is the third time PBadger has been out of town for the night, and all three times LG was an angel for me. Last night we even had a bath before bed time. He slept through the night, too. There was really no reason to stress at all. And yet, I probably will the next time we're alone for the night.

Tonight we're going to Grammie's for supper. Some cousins are passing through from Chicago on their way to NY (lucky ducks), so they're stopping by for a visit. Should be a good time. And if nothing else, LG gets to see his Grandparent and cousins for snuggles (and Mama gets and easy dinner). My God, it's been over a week since he saw Auntie Mary and the girls (he saw everyone else for the wedding weekend- either at the wedding or as a sitter).

Miss MJ will be out of school for the next few days to get some sunspots removed. She was apparently a sun diva when she was younger and lived in Florida. A lesson to all of us- wear sunscreen and hats!! She's very funny because she always puts hats on the kids to go out in the stroller, and sometimes even if they're in the swings over by the window. LG isn't a fan of hats, so we'll have to find one we can strap to his little noggin to keep him covered. Good to know that she's looking out for him, though. We'll miss her in the mornings. She's always so happy to see us when we get dropped off at school.

As for me, I have so much krappe to do it's unreal. Oil change and new tires for the wagon, use my LLBean GC before it expires (I found some great sandels that are just the thing), have breakfast with my "relationship partner" tomorrow, look into a 529 program for LG to go to school. And on, and on, and on. No wonder my house looks like hell. You should see what my brain looks like. Krappe strewn everywhere.

An now Pbadger just told me that he has damaged his brand new work shoes. And when I say brand new, I mean less that a week old. Argh!!! He's going to send them back to the manufacturer, though. In the mean time, we're just going to bite the bullet and get him Dr. Martens for work. No more messing around with the off brands.

Ok, off to go look into the "Brokerage Simplification Program". Imagine that, someone trying to help me. We'll see if by "Simplification" they just mean "do it our way"...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Entry 2

In which I bitch.

I am a big fan of the funny papers. Comic strips make me happy. And I read all sorts of different comics. For Better For Worse, Beetle Bailey, and some that only come in web form now, like Sheldon and Barkeater Lake. I know many people do not share my love for this media. So be it.

However, this is causing me issues. Used to be, you could get the paper, and read all your favorites. Then a few years ago, I found out that newspapers were not syndicating all of those comics anymore, since it costs them money. So they started dropping comics to update them, instead of just adding new ones. That's when I got my first subscription to on line "web comics". And it was something like $5 for the year. I'm ok with that.

But then they got greedy. I was invited to join again this spring for $30. Uhm, nope. I like getting my comics in my e-mail inbox as much as the next guy, but I'm not spending that much.

And I think some of the folks that write the ones I really love realized that. So they left, and now are out on-line independantly.

Unfortunately, that means they're not making $$$ off their creations. So they pretty much beg for donations on their sites. Which makes me sad, and annoys me all at the same time. I've bought some of their books, and even bought PBadge an original art comic, but I'm tired of the begging. It's like the tip jar at Starbucks. Those folks don't make the "waitstaff" wage, you make minimum wage. And while I feel for you, you are doing nothing that requires me to "tip" you other than to tell you to stay off drugs and stay in school. My comics artists choose to stay out of the mainstream system, and while I applaud them for that, don't beg me for $$$. I show up to my krappy job 5 days a week, here...


Holy krappe, thank god this weekend is over. Can I tell you how long and stressful it was? Uncle B got married this weekend (finally, for jebus' sake). PBadge was in the wedding, and LG and I were supposed to be at certain parts of it (me more than LG) and so there were sitters to arrange, and dress clothes to iron and keep splork free. Lets just say, much driving was done in the station wagon. We are now in debt to half of the free world for taking LG when it was deemed inappropriate for him to be around.

But we'll summarize: the groom and groomsmen were cute, the bride was beautiful (insert sappy sigh here) and the dresses were... well... purple. We'll leave it at that. Purple. A nice style, but purple. I now get the lilac ties. They were the closest thing to Puurple. But, all in all, it was a beautiful wedding. I will throw in here that the priest had such a bad combover that if you had actually put all the hair where it belonged, it would have been a mullet. You're a man of god, isn't vanity a sin, here?

But many people told me how adorable and well behaved LG was (why thank you, it's all my doing). And there was not one, but two open bars for me to indulge in. There was dancing, and a faboo cake (all white, 3 or 4 teir, with purple trim- very modern and all). So, in all, it was a good wedding.

We spent yesterday recovering. I was able to actually clean parts of my house and get some laundry done (for one small critter, I've found I do much laundry. at least one load for him to one load for the other two of us. weird, as his things are much smaller). Pbadger went to the babystore to search for a new teething binky (which he didn't find, darn it-but he did bring home a second option) and found many pairs of pants that LG can wear to school (and they were ON SALE!!).

LG had a good time meeting his new doggy friends on Friday night. They tried to swap toys, I hear. Good for them. Everyone was sharing nicely, and nobody howled (which is good for C&D who were sitting for him). Now we know doggies and C&D are on the list of things we like. And I appreciate it any time we can add to that list.

I think it might actually take a few more days until I feel like we're back to normal. Whatever normal was.


I vacuumed. Wow. Which seems like it was really important before I did it, and now I realize just makes the rest of the house look worse. And doing one load of laundry makes the pile seem much larger than I thought.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Thank Buddha it's Friday. Man, I thought it would never get here. It's been a good week around our house, but it was stressful.

LG had a great first week at school! He's back on a schedule, sleeping mostly through the night and eating like a champ (a chomp?). The ladies tell me he has a girlfriend, and he's just about the most content kid they've ever met. I think they were a little disappointed at first that he's not a really snuggly kid, but when they realized he likes to watch and talk to them that made up for it. He's the first kid in the room (because apparently Pbadger and I are the only people that need to get to work by 8:am), so he sits at the table with Miss MJ and talks to her while she sets up the room and does her paperwork. Then he "greets" all the other kids as they come in.

His new girlfriend (we'll call her Miss M) like to roll on the mats with him (he taught her to roll) and stick his hand into her mouth. He just lets her munch on him and giggles. His cousin, Miss S likes to do that, too. Must be a girl thing.

Uncle B's getting married this weekend, and I'm sure we'll be crazy. Papa picked up his tux last night, so the excitements already started (oh, and the tie's? lilac. I'm pretty sure that's not what the bride described to me, but who am I to question. maybe it will look stellar). We have to do some gymnastics to make sure little guy has a place to be during all the hoopla (he's only coming to the church, and even that got some questionable looks from people). I realize that baby's are not appropriate at these kinds of events, but the groom is his godfather. People can just suck it up.

He'll get to meet his first doggies tonight while he hangs out with some friends. I'll have to drop the camera with them, too. Maybe he'll have more attention for them than for the cats.

As for me, I just need more sleep. really. sleep. and a few more hours to the day. my house is a dissaster. it needs to be vaccuumed, at the least. argh. maybe sunday. maybe not.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Oh, dudes. Normally, I reserve my worrying over random diseases and all things that go bump for the night, but one has snuck up on me in broad daylight.

I was driving into work with my friend, and up pop this billboard. It's a charity raising funds for Tay Sachs research. Normally, I would feel bad for the little kid on the sign and get over it. However, this sign says, "LG died from Tay Sachs before his 3rd birthday". Ok, it didn't refer to the kid as LG, but it was LGs name. It was like a sucker punch right to the gut. Really, I just wasn't ready to think about that with only a few hours of sleep and no morning tea. It made me want to turn the car around and go get LG at daycare just to hold him.

Of couse, I kept right on driving into the city and came to work, after saying a little prayer for people who's kids are sick. Because, as far as we know, he's perfectly healthy and happy and we just have to live for the good times and worry less. Yeah, right.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

First Day of School

LG had his first day in daycare yesterday. It went pretty well. The care lady called me around 8:am to ask about his schedule, but I was in training and couldn't answer. So, she called Papa. Apparently, he thinks we have no schedule and little guy eats and sleeps as he pleases... I did get to call and let her know that I did get him on a schedule and he does follow it usually. She was much happier then. I'm pretty sure she thought I was some kind of dirty hippy.

When I went to pick him up last night I found out he's making all sorts of friends. He spent some time in the swings with a little girl two weeks younger than him (who cried when he moved on). A ladies man. And he was upset when the older kids went into the tunnel activity and happy when they popped out. I imagine he was thinking "Damn, after all my time with just that woman, I finally make a friend and now he's gone!", "Ooooh, you're back. Good times."

It seems like he'll enjoy going to school, at least.

On another note, the ground hogs in our yard had babies over the winter, too. We've seen four little furry guys waddling around. Very cute. And our usual assortment of bunnies and deer and stuff. A statement on the weather in Ohio is that we now have some ducks and ducklings that wander through the yard. Too much rain, anyone?

Friday, May 9, 2008


Hmm, the world looks different when you don't get much sleep. LG has hit another growth spurt, and so we're back to that weird fussy sleeping. I guess I can sacrifice some sleep if it means he ends up a little bigger in the end. We're still shooting for a football player, here.

So, has anyone read about this new dissolving dead people? I'm interested. And it's kind of cool that we're still innovating in an area that must not see too much new technology. I have always been a proponent of cremation (I don't want to take up space when I'm gone), but this seems to be environmentally friendlier. I wonder how much it would cost, though?

Enough of the morbid stuff. A good friend is graduating from grad school this weekend. Congratulations Jeff! I wish I could go back out to NY and see him walk across the stage. Good times. Still miss the old gang a lot.

And this is our first Mother's day. LG and Papa already gave me their presents, though. LG picked out some earrings to match the necklace he gave me when he was born (he has great taste in jewelry, that one).

And Papa bought another cherry blossom tree for the front yard (this one isn't a sapling, though. a little larger to give it more of a chance against the deer). The deer didn't kill the cherry blossom from last year, though (though they did take out 4 of our 5 apple trees, viscous evil herbivores that they are). So,now we'll have two. Papa has promised that we will be getting rid of the "flower" bed in the front yard, so I'm hoping to have a whole line of cherry blossoms along the side walk in a few years. Woo hoo. Many of the streets around us have cherry blossoms in their tree lawns. It's absolutely beautiful right now to drive down them. It looks like the trees are covered with snow, and the yards are pretty green.

If I had the time or the energy, I would keep all of the flower beds in our yard, but there's just no way. And as is, they just look raggedy. Dan's Mom and sister are constantly picking that them when they come over because they're just out of control. I figure if I keep one or two, and turn the rest into lawn it will all look better in the end. Does anyone have any suggestions for low maintenance items that take well to shade? Right now we have two pathetic looking Rhododendrons in the flower beds by the porch. I want to move one, and the other just deserves a pleasant funeral. But I'll need to replace them. Suggestions?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yup, it still sucks...

Somehow, I came back to work thinking it would be ok. But, nope, it still sucks. It's still work, now with the added disincentive of having to leave the little guy behind all day.

I realized today that I was really getting used to being with LG all day. I started narrating the day out loud for him (I read somewhere that you're supposed to do that- and it's one of the few things I chose not to ignore). However, now that I don't have him with me, I just look like an idiot who talks to herself. Good times.

But the weather out here in lovely Cleveland is stellar. Warm and sunny at the moment. Thank god summer is almost here. And the days are nice and long. Mmmmm.

Tomorrow is LGs three month "birthday". Wow. I think he's still a pretty average kid. And, yeah, I think that's a good thing at this age. I can wait a little longer for him to show his individuality.

A Jayhawk down in NC sent me a great book last week. "The Girlfriend's Guide to Getting Your Groove Back". I'm only a few pages in and I already love it. I'll let you know if it stays this good.

Time to stop rambling and get on with the day. I still have to figure out this blog thing a little better. Oh, and if you're reading, un-lurk and put in a comment or two.
Oh, and here's a recent picture of LG!